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Will + Grace are both currently spending a large majority of their time with their jobs, Homeland, loved ones, and alcohol. But rest assured, after their long hiatus, they will be back in full force in the new year. Look out for new content then!



To come in 2013: matching outfits, faux fur, and wintry angst.

Dance in the Dark

Long time, no see, right? My apologies everyone! Between going to a conference in Vancouver, going home to Michigan for a glorious week, and coming to DC this weekend, I haven’t been able to post much. But, at last, we find ourselves on the edge of the most glorious season of the year–Fall. Better temperatures, better clothes, better everything. In the midst of pouring over the collections online, I saw this picture and it felt so perfect for this time of year. Since I’m not-so-secretly trying to hijack our content and make this a beauty blog, I thought I’d share it with all (4) of you.


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So, I’m going to be honest–Lady Gaga kind of lost me for a minute. I admire her particular brand of sartorial courage and I respect the artistry it entails, but it became so contrived after a while that it almost felt typical. Let me tell you, though. Homegirl turned the TABLES at the launch party for her new (bizarrely sugary) black fragrance, Fame. The brown hair, the I’m-a-hippy/sorority-girl headband? What’s old is new again people! How good does she look?! I’m seriously so into everything that’s going on here but the maroon roots are BY FAR the best part of her look. I am definitely trying this. I’ve never really dyed my hair a crazy color but get ready, y’all. Bigs things are going to happen (unemployment is clearly taking its toll…). In case you feel that it might not be appropriate to wear a prop you stole from the Game of Thrones set to work, try getting the look in a slightly more understated fashion…


Clockwise from top left we have…
1. My favorite cosmetic in the whole world, the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Train Bleu.”
2. A very Midnight In Paris headband situation by Deepa Gurnani.
3. Manic Panic Semi-permanent(/terrifying) Hair Dye in “Vampire Red.”. From what I can gauge, it turn into a color that’s very similar to Chanel’s classic “Vamp” nail polish.
4. The decidedly tame, but still cute, BCBG Max Azria headband.

I will let you all know how operation burgundy roots goes.

More soon kids. Hope you have an amazing Tuesday!


First cover of CR revealed!

Leave it to Carine to do the unexpected. And when the unexpected has already been done, you’ve got Kate Upton.

Carine has said she wants to take fashion in a new direction with CR, and she certainly has with its first cover. Upton looks healthy and happy for the magazine’s inaugural “rebirth” issue, already a departure from the former Vogue Paris Editrix’s doom and gloom editorials.

Though we’re curious to see the full styling of the spread, if Carine is really committed to making some changes in this industry, then we’re behind her all the way.

x Will


First off, let us apologize for our lack of posts as of late–as everyone who works in the city knows, August is vacation season. Aka, Grace and I have been in and out on various trips with limited posting access. But alas! The blogging shall continue. This one is dedicated to a little obsession of ours known as the xx.

We won’t bore you with a long detailed history of the xx (because you should already know about them), but rather inform you that the new album from all star producer Jamie xx and his super squad/threesome, Coexist, has LEAKED. And it is GOOD, and well worth the years-long wait. That said, we don’t condone piracy and we encourage the support of smaller bands so download the album legally when it comes out on 9/11! (Poor timing, but given the album’s apparent themes of how to cope/exist post-tragedy, it seems appropriate.)

In the meantime, check out some of the albums tracks here:

And, when you do happen to nab the whole album, look out for these other great tracks:

Fiction – a great homage to the dialogue we often let play out in our heads about what really did (or didn’t) happen in a relationship.

Sunset – a retrospective but upbeat ballad for love lost, and what could have been.




Hi everyone!

It’s been quite a bit of time since we’ve done a look post, namely because Grace and I have been so busy with work, vacations, and our stubborn refusal to do laundry. But anyway, the time has finally arrived!

For this little shoot we have our good friends Tina Liu and Daniel St. George II behind the lens. As you can see, they are very talented! You can expect a lot more of their work to be showing up here from now on.


The centerpiece of this look is my most recent splurge: my pre-fall Givenchy Shark tee. It cost me a pretty penny paycheck, but to me, it was worth every cent. Givenchy is my favorite brand (Riccardo, please don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing). I love their dark aesthetic, as well as their commitment to incorporating edgier, streetwear influences into mainstream fashion. Plus: Rooney Mara? Talk about great taste in muses.

In a lot of ways, this shirt was also a symbolic purchase for me. Moving to New York and jumping into the fashion industry was pretty scary, but this is my way of showing my commitment to the industry and my future in it. I have a paralyzing fear of sharks, so it’s a whole embracing-your-fears thing. (Or maybe this is just my mind’s way of justifying spending so much money on a T-shirt… or the fact that I really can’t seem to resist clothing that involves animals.)

I’m currently at a standstill with my hair. It’s the longest I’ve ever had it, which makes me feel like I have endless possibilities and I can’t quite seem to decide on one. I may grow it out and have a full bun, or shave the sides and back for a little Asian flair. Or I might just cut it shorter. Anyway, after two cancelled hair appointments, I’ve been forced to get a bit creative with it. Lately that has translated to the David-Beckham-meets-Tom-Cruise-in-Magnolia partial up-do. I have another appointment at Dickson’s on Tuesday, so stay tuned for how that turns out.

This jacket is a favorite new “acquisition” of mine, by the London label Passarella Death Squad. I say “acquisition” because it really belongs to my and Grace’s third roommate, who prefers to lurk in the shadows rather than appear on our blog. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I bought these boots at the beginning of the summer from Surface To Air. It was way too hot to wear them then, but they were half off! I knew I would regret it come Fall if I didn’t buy them, and I’m so glad I did. I can tell they are going to be a staple this season.

One last thing about the shirt: I love the cut. One of the editors at work last week told me he was thinking about getting one and he asked what size mine was. When I told him it was a small, he couldn’t believe it! Givenchy is all about playing with proportions, which means bring on the oversized Tee’s.

That’s all for today! Check back soon for Grace’s latest look. Oh, and of course, HAPPY SHARK WEEK!

x Will